danielle zabielski

hello there!


hi! i'm danielle.

Okay, let's be real. "About" pages are kinda really weird, right?

I mean, I could describe what I think I am — what I think my art is — in esoteric, flowery poetics. But that's a bit too pretentious. Or I could take the objective third-person: "Danielle is this, Danielle makes that." But, like, can we as inherently subjective beings ever achieve true objectivity? (I'm really fun at parties. I swear.) Maybe I just won't write anything. After all, saying nothing always says something. No, I've gotta put something about myself here. I pay too much money for this minimalist fancy-pants website to not introduce myself.

"fun" "facts" (depending on your definitions of both terms) about danielle zabielski:

  1. I have a pixie cut. The longer my hair gets, the less like myself I feel.
  2. My eyes are hazel, but I have these turquoise rings around my pupils. I was really excited about my remarkable irises until I found out those rings are caused by significant amounts of stress.
  3. I just realized that both of the above facts are appearance-related and now I'm stressed. Cue the formation of more iris rings.
  4. Four is my favorite number!
  5. I paint, draw, write, sing, make music, take photographs, you-name-it. Yet I have trouble calling myself an artist. Cal Schenkel once told me, "You're either an artist or you're not. Call yourself one." 
  6. So. I'm... an artist?
  7. I'm an artist.